CHROME X — Alessandro Agudio & Flapper

CHROME X is a Flapper project made in collaboration with the Italian artist Alessandro Agudio. Over the course of 2017 three different turbans in silk have been developed: each gradient printed on fabric was developed starting from a photograph of the eye’s iris of three women. Three special icons of contemporary culture: design gallerist Luisa Delle Piane, artist Goshka Macuga, and fencer Nathalie Moellhausen - were invited to participate by providing a high-resolution image of their irides. Rather than being dedicated to them, the CHROME X project is dedicated right to their own DNA, their unique codex of feminine, unconventional attitude and energy.

From 2015, Alessandro Agudio carries on an artistic research entitled ‘Chrome - Details of Enlargements and Elaborations of Portions of the Human Eye’s Iris’: an image-masters archive obtained from the digital elaboration and enlargement of a close-up of a human eye. His research began focusing on furnishing the entire private spaces of a person, who can customize objects and his environment with the tone of his or her own iris, and constantly see himself or herself reflected in the space he or she lives in.

In this new and original declination of Agudio’s research, the three CHROME X turbans are wearable portraits: the details of the iris pigmentation are developed into a color palette, designed as garment which is now the genuine part of the genetic unicity of the person. The CHROME X turban is the ‘third eye’ on our head, which provides perception beyond ordinary sight, tool of potential identities to share.

During Woman Fashion Week, CHROME X was presented at MEGA project space in Milan, on September 22nd, 23rd and 24th 2017. 

Special Thanks:
Cornelia Mattiacci 
Alessandro Agudio
Delfino Sisto Legnani