Platimiro Fiorenza X Flapper

Platimiro Fiorenza, born in Trapani in 1944, has been considered by many a living monument. He is more than just a craftsman: he is the last of the master goldsmiths and coral artisans, heritage of a unique craft knowledge. During his career, Platimiro accomplished restoration works for some of the most famous antique dealers, made jewelry to order and important sacred art objects, one of which is “Madonna di Trapani” showed in the Vatican Museum. Unesco has recognized his contribution to the Italian craftsmanship panorama by including him in “The book of the Living Humans Treasures”.

Extremely significant for his education it was the period between the 60’s and the 70’ spent in Milan as assistant of the great sculptor Giò Pomodoro. This collaboration well influenced part of his goldsmith production, where the newest design perfectly marries his ancient handcraft tradition.

Genevieve Xhaet, founder of the headwear brand Flapper, always sensitive and curious about art and craft trends, has been fascinated by Platimiro Fiorenza’s work. She decided to start a collaboration with him and conceive a special capsule collection for next season.

Working together, inside of Platimiro’s Sicilian atelier, they rediscovered precious sketches draft during his Milanese period. Two jewellery shapes were than created and joined to the iconic Flapper hats “Antea” and “Genoveffa”.

These are valuable accessories exclusively designed for lending a new allure to the Flapper headwear, unique for their versatility, perfect as earrings or brooches, realized with authentic Sicilian corals, red or black.